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Who Is Mike Schleif ?

What Does Mike Schleif Have To Do With MDS Resource?

Mike Schleif Is Inbound Marketing Local Business Online

Inbound Marketing Local Business Online

MDS Resource was established in 1990 near Chicago, IL by Mike Schleif. Schleif is a serial entrepreneur currently involved in at least six businesses, all dealing in one way or another with technology and finding effective solutions to difficult business challenges. Schleif grew up in the Twin Cities in a far simpler time, a long ago time when computers consumed enormous rooms, ran off paper tape, and stored data on large tape reels. Schleif returned to his hometown in late 2008, bringing his businesses and business acumen with him. Some recount hearing him vow to return simplicity to this Midwestern business Mecca.

As you have found elsewhere on this site, MDS Resource is a Digital Ad Agency the sole goal of which is to dramatically increase the ringing of your telephone by fully qualified customers eager to buy.  To do that successfully, we have mastered local internet marketing for small business, and we offer that mastery to you as a fully customizable system.  Whence come these Brilliant Ideas About Internet & Money?  What qualifies MDS Resource to offer any value to you?  Why buy from us?

MDS Resource is a technical consulting group recognized — and requested — by some of the most well known companies in the world.  Its client list includes industry giants like AT&T, Blue Cross, IBM and Target, as well as small, privately owned firms.  Extensive experience, delivered over 35 years, empowers MDS Resource to identify and solve myriads of business problems with technology: from the most complex to basic system redesigns.

Effectively managing your computing systems is critical to business success.  When eCommerce and eBusiness don’t work, sales decline … or don’t happen.  When customer service interfaces are too slow or totally nonfunctional, clients go elsewhere.  And when databases consume all available space, bills don’t get paid, paychecks don’t get written and a host of other financial obligations don’t get met.  Your business cannot afford to trivialize the importance of Systems Management — it is the core and foundation of your operations.

Mike Schleif and MDS Resource have Brilliant Ideas About Internet and Money

MDS Resource excels in providing comprehensive Systems Management.  We identify the source of your problems with equipment and processes, implement cost-effective solutions and recommend future actions and requirements for all of our clients.  We will do the same for your company.

Our track record is unsurpassed.  MDS Resource helped Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) save approximately $10,000,000 annually by reducing downtime and outages.  We improved the service levels of Target’s computing systems, and produced an expected savings of more than $5,000,000 per year.  For UnitedHealth Group (UHG), we engineered IT systems in three major areas: data center consolidation, application consumption control and system refresh at end-of-life, eliminating more than $25,000,000 in infrastructure costs.

Information Technology is constantly evolving.  MDS Resource makes it a priority to remain at the forefront of that progress.  New technologies introduce new problems.  MDS Resource solves problems.  We have the experience and expertise to identify Best Practices, Best of Breed, and unique solutions that will perfectly meet the technology demands of your company.

Mike Schleif’s Executive Biography summarizes successes as founder and director of MDS Resource and describes some projects we’ve managed.  After you review it, contact us to learn more about how MDS Resource can keep your company’s telephones ringing.  We’re not offering to close deals for you; but, we are certain that effective local internet marketing produces more fully qualified customers who come to your local business eager to buy.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.  Mike Schleif looks forward to personally talking with you soon.

Mike Schleif is Marketing Local Business Online

Call MDS Resource For Special Offer Now: 612-235-6060

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