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Millions Now Find Local Business On The Internet Even Though The Yellow Pages Lie On A Shelf In Their Closet

We are MDS Resource and we are your Digital Ad Agency.

Inbound Marketing Local Business Online

Inbound Marketing Local Business Online

With the radical changes in the economy and people moving away from Yellow Pages, newspaper ads and other old school advertising media, your customers are looking on the Internet for you.  They search the Internet, and then they go down the street and buy what they want and need.  If they don’t find your local business in their search, they are not buying from you.

Times have changed, indeed.  The Internet is still new; but, it is everywhere, and it is NOT going away any time soon.  The Internet has transformed our world, shrunk the whole world into a computer you hold in your hand, heretofore known as a cell phone.  If you don’t get your business in position to be seen on that small screen, your customers are going someplace else.

At MDS Resource we’ve been dealing with technology and small business owners for more than thirty years.  Be very careful where you get your advice.  Don’t believe everything you hear and read.  Does anybody remember house calls and the family doctor?  That doctor was a jack-of-all-trades regarding everything medical.  Today, every doctor specializes — and nobody makes house calls.

We could talk about all sorts of features.  We could sell you on our technological prowess.  We could persuade you on the merits of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing and why Keyword selection is absolutely critical to your success on the Internet.  We could promise to make Google rank your web site Numero Uno on all search pages.

And, ALL of that is a bunch of malarkey — isn’t it?  Do you really give a hoot whether or not you’re number one in Google?  What does Google know about your business?  Suppose, I’m a fully qualified buyer, I find your web site number one in Google, I click on your link … and I go down the street and buy what you offer from your competitor.  What did being Numero Uno buy you?  A bigger monthly Internet bill?

MDS Resource’s unique selling proposition is simple.  Our raison d’être is to keep your telephone ringing.  It really is this simple.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE benefit for you and your business to do business with MDS Resource:

MDS Resource will start a continuous, never-ending stream of new, fully qualified customers calling your telephone number, trekking to your brick-and-mortar store and buying what they want and need from your local business.  In short, local Internet marketing for small business is the future, it is where the money is today, and it is how your customers are looking for you right now.

Old school marketing is still King.  Times have changed, and media change, too.  None of us alive today remember the King’s herald announcing news from the official scroll.  Some of us recall barkers calling out theater or carnival sideshow attractions to passers-by.  Most of us have bought something from a newspaper advertisement, or called to order something prompted by a Yellow Page spread.

The Internet and computing devices are new media.  Applying old school marketing principles to new media is a wise idea.  That’s exactly what MDS Resource does.

Don’t burn your Yellow Pages yet.  But, ask yourself, and be honest, what is your Return On Investment?

Imagine that you are the number one authority online in your market.  What will that mean for your local business?  How many new customers do you want every single day?  Every single week?  Every single month?

If this interests you and you want this benefit for your local business, contact MDS Resource today.  Make an appointment for an Absolutely Free, No Obligation consultation. MDS Resource will review your local business, your current situation on the Internet, and we will work out a plan that best meets your needs.

We are MDS Resource and we are your Digital Ad Agency.

Who Is Mike Schleif?
Who Is Mike Schleif?  What Does He Have To Do With MDS Resource?

What Does He Have To Do With MDS Resource?

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