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10 Internet Marketing For Small Business Ways To Attract Local Customers

2012 May 15

Easy Ways To Attract Local Customers

The Facts About Consumer Internet Usage

This trend continues to rise and Internet Marketing for small business must get on board with this — or perish.

  • Most Consumers search online for local products and services.
  • Approximately 35% of all Internet searches are for local things.
  • There are more than 250 Million searches on Google alone every single day!
  • Online marketing is predicted to be at least 15% of all media ad spending in 2013.

Internet technology is GREAT … But, it has caused Problems for Some Local Businesses! Here’s why:

  1. Consumers are using online search instead of yellow pages and newspapers when looking for local products and services.
  2. Some businesses still spend thousands of dollars on ineffective traditional advertising methods.
  3. And, some businesses are not yet investing in online advertising and marketing. Are you?

As a Result …

  • Business expenses continue to rise while profits decline.
  • Local Businesses are struggling to get new and repeat customers.
  • Great customers are buying from Local Businesses well placed online.

Here Are 10 Ways Your Local Business Can Connect With Your Local Consumers

  1. Connect With Search Engine Visibility

    • You must work hard to gain better search engine positioning and rankings.
    • You must search engine optimize your website using on-the-page factors, making certain that your money phrases are in your content.
    • You must search engine optimize your website using off-the-page factors, persuading other sites to link back to you.
    • Claim, verify and optimize your Google Places listing
  2. Connect With Your Professional Website

    • All Effective Websites MUST Have:

      1. An organized and easily navigable layout
      2. Fresh, relevant and compelling content everywhere
      3. A strong Call-To-Action on every page
      4. An integrated lead capture system
  3. Connect With Email Marketing

    • Local Internet Marketing Money Is In Your LIST!

      1. Email marketing is cost-effective, automated and easy to deliver.
      2. Email marketing helps you build trust and credibility.
      3. Email marketing allows you to generate business on auto-pilot 24/7.
      4. Email marketing statistics are simple to track.
  4. Connect With Mobile Marketing

    • There are approximately 4 BILLION Mobile users worldwide!
    • By 2014, Mobile Internet usage is expected to exceed Desktop Internet usage!
    • Business websites must be Mobile optimized to accommodate Mobile Internet on-the-go users too rushed to squint, zoom and scroll.
    • Text message marketing promotes and connects with local audiences on the go.
  5. Connect With Social Media

    • Search engine optimization (SEO) is NOT enough! Hang Out With Your Customers and Prospects Online …

      1. Consumers spend many hours on social media sites every single day.
      2. Building relationships on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is necessary for business.
      3. Social media markets are so big, Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world!

        1. China
        2. India
        3. Facebook
        4. United States
  6. Connect With Video Marketing

    • Online Videos are HOT … Perhaps, Too HOT To Handle!

      1. Videos increase your visibility in search results and positioning.
      2. Online videos help you develop trust and expert status.
      3. Videos increase conversion rates, website traffic and are the single most powerfl small business advertising!
        cVideos run on auto-pilot and set you apart from your competitors
  7. Connect With Publish Online Content

    • The Internet Revolves Around CONTENT! Effective Website Optimization Multi-Purposes Content Everywhere

      1. Publish keyword rich articles and blog posts related to your industry.
      2. Publish keyword optimized press releases to attract media attention.
      3. Publish content to online directories to drive traffic back to your website.
  8. Connect With Reputation Management

    • Do You Know What People Say About Your Business Online? Local Search Optimization Relies On The Social Proof Of Reviews & Testimonials!

      1. Pay attention to what is being said about your business online.
      2. Promote positive online reviews & testimonials about your business.
      3. A bad online reputation can negatively impact your business.
      4. Respond promptly and handle all negative remarks quickly.
  9. Connect With Online Classified Ads

    • Effective Marketing Local Business Is All About Promoting Your Business Everywhere Local Customers Hang Out

      • Online Classified Ad sites are free or are very low cost.
      • Craigslist is one of the most popular online classified ad sites.
      • Optimize your ads with effective keywords to show up in search results.
      • Images in your ads make them more attractive to consumers.
  10. Connect With Paid Online Advertising

    • Successful Internet Marketing For Small Business Quickly Learns Its Best Market From Paid Advertising!

      1. Paid online advertising is effective at gaining more exposure quickly.
      2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most popular paid advertising methods.
      3. Google’s paid advertising platform is called AdWords.
      4. Facebook also has paid advertising to get in front of your best prospects.

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