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Give Me Search Engine Optimization And I’ll Give You Targeted Sales Leads

2011 April 12

Targeted Sales Leads Are The Goal Of SEO

Targeted Sales Leads Are The Goal Of SEO

I talk with a lot of business owners and executives. One of the biggest problems I’ve been hearing is the dearth of targeted sales leads. There are, of course, plenty of books written on just this subject. Some will say, buying leads is the way to go. Others will say that success comes only through referrals. Lately we’re hearing about the Internet being a bountiful source of qualified leads.

Targeted Sales Leads Are On The Internet

The Internet is a big place. How do you go about finding sales leads on the Internet; or, rather, how do targeted leads go about finding you and your company? We’ve touched on this before: the Internet, in a sense, is an enormous library and search engines are its card catalogs. As we learn to search and find what we want on the Internet — when we want it — we respond less and less to offline media. How, then, can you be found by these eager buyers on the Internet?

Do You Need Targeted Sales Leads?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tactic the goal of which is to get more business and more customers. Filling your sale funnel with sales leads is a marketing strategy accomplished online by three tasks:

  1. Be found by search engines
  2. Be found on 1st search engine results page
  3. Maximize the number of website visitors

What Are The Requirements For Targeted Sales Leads?

Of course, nobody can know your business better than you. In order to attract targeted sales leads, we must understand the products and services you sell. Furthermore, your unique selling proposition allows prospects to see the difference between you and your competition. Who is your very best customer? Why do best customers stay with your company? We must identify your buyer personas before you can use the keywords that your best buyers actually use to search for you.

SEO Benefits Targeted Sales Leads

For many, that is a lot of work, especially all of this thinking about your business from your customer’s point of view. Why go to all this bother? Google recently remarked that every day four billion searches are conducted, one billion of which seek something local to buy. Done right, SEO benefits you in several ways:

  • Search engines respect your website and place it on the first search results page for specific keywords.
  • People searching for specific keywords will find your website on the first search results page.
  • Being found by more searchers, more visitors will visit your website.
  • More people visiting your website could translate into new business.
  • Organizing your website to better be found makes your website more interesting to visitors.
  • Organization of web pages and content to better be found makes your website more interesting to visitors.

SEO Deliverables Result In Targeted Sales Leads

Whether you do your SEO yourself or pay somebody to do it for you, you’re hoping for more customers, aren’t you? SEO sits on the marketing side of business and can deliver the following:

  • A defined service area by which to be found in local business results;
  • A manageable list of keywords and phrases for which great prospects are actually searching;
  • Distribution of keywords by web page, focus and intent;
  • Organization of web pages by intent, theme and relevance;
  • Every web page detailed by keywords, title, headers, descriptions and service area; and
  • Solid foundation and flexible design for ongoing and growing first page search engine exposure.

Some SEO Expectations Are Targeted Sales Leads

Although black hat wizardry may fool search engines quickly, the history of search engine algorithm changes indicates that these tactics are short lived tactics and not strategic. Following sound relationship marketing principles, your online properties will attract great customers and steadily build great new business over time. The time factor must not be underestimated and optimal progress may not be appreciated before three to six months. Some keywords are more competitive than others and will take longer to show first page search engine results. Competitors want first page search engine results, too, and some competition will slow your website progress.

Targeted Sales Leads Are The Goal Of SEO

Being found is not enough; nor is being found by a lot of people. Being found by enough of the right people is the only true success in marketing, regardless of medium. Success is more a function of converting great leads into great customers than it is in simply attracting large numbers of random visitors to your website. Targeted sales leads, then, are the ultimate goal of search engine optimization.

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