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WARNING: New Sales Leads Will Ignite Your Business Into A Bonfire Through Which You Cannot Sleep

2011 January 12
New Sales Leads Burn Brightly

New Sales Leads Burn Brightly

The Internet is the prime tool for generating new sales leads today. You may have heard this a million times before and ignored it, but I’m really serious. The old ways of getting sales leads flat out do not work anymore. There’s little spark left, far more smoke than flame. Honestly, how antiquated can the old ways be?

Are New Sales Leads Scarce?

How many new customers did you make last month due to yellow pages or telemarketing? Does anybody really watch commercials on Tivo? Although trade fairs are still viable for promoting interest in your booth visitors. Am I the only one questioning the quantity of quality leads trade shows produce? Perhaps, it’s best to use offline media as kindling for a new, hotter fire.

A Multitude Of Quality Leads

Really, the most effective way to get new sales leads today is on the Internet. Not all website visitors are online leads; and not all sales become customers. But, with billions — billions more than millions — of online page views every month, your sales can explode practically overnight. The trick is visibility, findability and conversion. These are the embers from which your bonfire will roar to life. You need to get your business seen by as many eager buyers as possible.

Call New Sales Leads To Action

That’s why the Internet is just so great! Honestly, how many people will actually read your yellow page or newspaper ad? How many eager buyers will stop by your booth at a trade show? Anticipate how eager buyers shopping for what you offer seek you online and what’s stopping you from being everywhere they look? For example, thousands of people are searching Google for your products and services every single day. You need to ask these visitors to stick around, to interact with you and call them to action. Which is easier seen, an open flame or the glimmer of an old reflection?

Start A New Sales Leads Frenzy

Internet marketing can be far, far cheaper than any traditional marketing. When some tactic disappoints you, simply change your message mid-campaign until you find that glorious log that really stokes a fire. Well, of course you want new sales leads! What are you going to do with great leads once you have them? After you give them free information, collect their email address and receive their permission to help them, you need to nurture these prospects and convert them to great customers.

Fan the flames. Create a frenzy of eager buyers clamoring for your attention. Let new sales leads compete with each other to become your next greatest customer.

New Sales Leads Burn Brightly

The Internet is the location of new sales leads today. You’ve heard this million of times before. You ignored it. The old ways of getting sales leads have burned out, far more smoke than flame. If you want to party all the way to the bank, start an Internet fire with terrific customers. Let new sales leads dance around the online inferno you create together. Let them fan the social media flames and, together, you celebrate successful business with new sales leads.

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How To Succeed At Online Marketing For Small Business With Any Realistic Budget

2011 January 9
Don't Ignore Online Marketing For Small Business

Don't Ignore Online Marketing For Small Business

Are you a small business owner? Do you want to see a lot more customers coming to you in 2011? Certainly, every business owner I’ve met answers these in the affirmative! What’s your plan to grow your business with great new customers?

Clearly, every new customer is a function of new leads in your sales funnel — we know this as conversion. And, every new sales lead is a subset of the number of eager buyers shopping for what you offer who are exposed to your business — we know this as marketing. Admit it, the numbers of people exposed to your business depends on marketing strategy, tactics, advertising, etc. Times change and so has effectiveness of traditional marketing tactics and offline advertising. Whereas, telemarketing, yellow pages, newspaper ads and other previously effective tactics are seriously lame today, online marketing for small business produces more targeted sales leads everyday.

Don’t Ignore Online Marketing For Small Business

Most small business owners ignore online marketing, because they don’t understand how the Internet has dramatically changed consumers. Furthermore, many unwary businesses have been duped into costly schemes to fool Google and other search engines. Have you been duped into believing that #1 on Google first page or a million website visitors in a month are ends in themselves? How do they add to your bottom line? Here’s a clue: work both of them into a business plan, pass it on to your banker and ask for a business loan. Point is, show your banker a plan to get more targeted sales leads calling you on the phone and then they’ll talk money. Google itself and random website visitors do absolutely nothing to grow your business.

Fortunately for you, this Internet thingy has totally changed the way we consume! No longer flipping through yellow pages or browsing the Sunday Trib classifieds, eager buyers shopping for what you offer are on the Internet right this second searching for you. Every time they search they receive a search results page. If you’re not on that page, they will buy from somebody else. Online marketing for small business has one goal: everywhere they search they find you there.

Affordable Online Marketing For Small Business

Fact is, effectively marketing your business is now possible with any realistic budget:

  • Email marketing has long been the favorite of Internet marketers, perhaps because it’s the online equivalent to direct marketing. Done right, instead of intruding in the Inbox, you ask and they grant you permission to nurture them and keep them informed with current and relevant information. Keeping permission marketing foremost in your mind, think of events, specials and successes that you’d appreciate knowing about your favorite vendors. Your customers and prospects will appreciate the same about you.
  • Online articles are another great way to increase awareness of you, your business and, especially, those special things you do that benefit your customers. Do you remember fondly thumbing through a magazine, reading interesting articles and clipping some articles so you can refer back to them later? The Internet is several magnitudes greater than any paper magazine. This very minute somebody is reading an article about your product and service and today she’ll bookmark it and maybe tell her friends about it. Have you ever tried to find a article in a magazine you threw out a long time ago? That won’t happen online, because it’s always available to be found, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Social media is all about family, friends and vacation pictures — right? No. It, too, can be tremendously effective in putting your business in front of eager buyers. Facebook membership alone is the third largest country in the world: China, India, Facebook, USA … In 2010 it’s been reported that the largest growing Facebook demographic is middle aged women. Again, keep in mind how online marketing for small business is primarily about developing relationships with your marketplace. What better way to start a conversation with a new prospect than at a huge party? Facebook, for example, is a neverending party of friends, family and coworkers, and they’re all talking about what’s on their minds. Strike a positive chord with just one, and they’ll tell somebody about you, and on and on.

Follow Online Marketing For Small Business To Success

Online marketing is about branding. The more people recognize your personal name, your business name and your place in the community, the more likely that one of them converts into a customer. Notice how we haven’t mentioned traditional advertising agencies and TV commercial production crews — the prohibitive prices of traditional marketing simply are not necessary online. It’s more about leaving thousands and thousands of bread crumbs from your business throughout the Internet. Whenever some eager buyer happens on one crumb while shopping for what you offer, Hansel and Gretel will follow the trail to your door. Like all marketing, the only goal of online marketing for small business is to create customers.

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Give Me Ninety Days And You Will Be Successfully Marketing Local Business Throughout The Twin Cities

2011 January 6
Marketing Local Business Has Changed

Marketing Local Business Has Changed

Marketing local business is not as simple today as it was in the past. A long time ago, it seems marketers promoted local business by putting ads in the yellow pages and buying ad space in the local newspaper. Business has gotten very hard in The Twin Cities. Eager buyers no longer look at the newspaper ads to shop for products and services. Today most consumers start by doing an Internet search before they buy. What will happen when you anticipate eager buyers shopping for what you offer? Knowing what they type into the search box, what’s keeping you from appearing everywhere they look?

Marketing Local Business Online

Take roofing for example. Drop by and search for the following:

  • twin cities roofing
  • minneapolis roofing
  • saint paul roofing

As I write this, the search engine results pages all show one thing in common: that gorgeous map! Local business results are your key to marketing local business successfully.

There are three sections to each Google search results page:

  1. Pay-per-click advertisements at the top and down the right side;
  2. Local business results and that gorgeous map above the fold; and
  3. Organic or natural search results everywhere else.

So, each roofing company has at least three (3) chances to show on each page. And, take note, this is only Google! We’re not looking at Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook or any other search results. Is Your Website Marketing Local Business?

Consider your own company website. You may have paid big bucks to publish your online business card — did you? Did you pay for pretty? Or, did you intend to pay to produce more customers? How many new customers did you get last month because of your pretty website? What is your return on that investment?

What about your website content? Is it relevant to your visitors? Is it compelling them to take action and buy from you once they’re on your pages? What would persuade you to buy from you? Are you calling them to action on each page? If you don’t ask them to call you, what do you expect them to do? Not calling you, not buying from you and going away may be exactly the message they’re getting from you.

As a local business, what are you doing to make sure that eager local buyers know that you exist? How would you find your company if you didn’t know about it? Remember that cool map? Google will only place you in the local business results after they recognize that your business is local to that search. What is your service area? As a Minneapolis roofer, how interested are you in Duluth business? Or, business in Fort Lauderdale? The best marketing local business strategy pulls customers directly from your local community. Even if business thousands of miles away can be good, won’t local business be better?

Marketing Local Business Has Changed

Marketing local business online is not that different from marketing offline. Eager buyers want to taste, hear, smell and feel your products and services. Give them a great reason to walk through your front door and they’ll come to check you out. There are rating and review sites providing places for your customers to express their feelings about your business. Claim your business listing on social rating and review sites like Google Places, MerchantCircle, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. With half a reason to stand up in public and tell the world about your remarkable work, many customers will do just that.

How much of that do you want?

Community involvement will certainly build your brand quickly. The more your neighbors talk about your business, the sooner marketing local business brings them to you. Marketing local business is different today than in the past. Today most consumers start by doing an Internet search before they buy. Anticipate eager buyers shopping for what you offer and, of a sudden, everywhere they look you are there. In fact, marketing local business online is different: it is effective.

Marketing Local Business 90 Day Challenge

Give me ninety days and you will be successfully marketing local business throughout the Twin Cities.

Who Else Wants Targeted Sales Leads? Targeted Sales Leads Can Only Result In Better Customers

2011 January 3
Targeted Sales Leads Result In Better Customers

Targeted Sales Leads Result In Better Customers

Are Targeted Sales Leads A Secret?

I ignored telling my buddies about this, thinking that they’re already aware, until one day one of my buddies approached me and asked, “How can I increase my sales?” I was stunned. You should have seen my eyes when I heard her question because I always thought every business owner knows that the best way to increase sales is to get in front of eager buyers. I’d so much rather be in front of an eager buyer shopping for what I offer than tire kickers or garage salers. Targeted sales leads are the best gauge of eager buyers I know.

Of course, whenever I generate targeted prospects, I invariably get better customers and better deals at close. You know what I mean … people ready to buy anything you’re selling. During economic crisis, businesses begin the crunch and spiral, too, into financial crisis — even the doctors and lawyers. While most of the successful entrepreneurs that I know are walking away with fat envelopes day after day, they’re all reporting increased sales. How can this be?

Whether you’re a doctor, carpenter, mover, salon manager or whatever business you own online or off, this is not a secret — sales leads are your life blood. The secret is not that you need targeted sales leads; rather, how are you going to target the sales leads you seek? The only secret is finding out the simplest and fastest way to target leads for your business. Even better, find an affordable way to keep your best prospects lining up at your door waiting to be sold!

Targeted Sales Leads Make A Beeline

Imagine inbound marketing is you putting out the honey trap, a special honey appealing only to eager buyers shopping for what you offer, and everywhere they look they see your honey. Is it any wonder that they make a beeline to you? Can you imagine any better customer than those that call you up and ask, “I’ve tasted your honey. Tell me more. What can you do for me?”

I guess I’m one of those successful entrepreneurs. Expert coach and successful businessman for over 10 years now, I figured out 7 years ago how to continuously generate solid buying leads for any kind of business. Right now, I’m working with several local business owners to increase their sales and improve their business by creating a neverending stream of targeted sales leads. And, on top of that, thanks to the Internet and inbound marketing, all of this fits within business budgets that most are already spending:

  • What’s your return on yellow pages investments?
  • How many new customers did you get from your last newspaper ad?
  • What percentage of your website visitors actually paid you money?

Better ROI Than Targeted Sales Leads?

I help business owners who are disturbed about poor return on advertising investments. May I ask you a question? I talk with a lot of business owners. Lately, the two biggest problems I’ve been hearing are too few targeted leads and how to achieve serious business growth in 2011. Do either of these ring true with you?

Why waste sales time on those who are not likely to buy from you? Yea, sure, you’re persuasive and sometimes you close an unwitting prospect. Be truthful, how good a customer has she been? Optimize your conversion rate with cheap targeted sales leads and appreciate how good customers benefit your business.

Give Me Local Small Business Marketing And I’ll Whip My Dreams Into Profitable Business Over Night

2010 December 31
Dream Local Small Business Marketing Profits

Dream Local Small Business Marketing Profits

If local small business marketing is unfamiliar to you, look at it this way. The target of every business is to get the word out to the maximum number of people to maximize marketplace exposure. In business, market exposure correlates with sales.

Go Online With Local Small Business Marketing

Today in our cyber era, having an effective online presence is of utmost importance. As people spend more and more time in front of the computer, chances are better and better that they will search online for the products and services that they will buy. The Internet allows small business owners to display your expertise directly to eager buyers. Unlike traditional media like billboards, television advertising and Yellow Pages, with online media local small business marketing no longer requires huge amounts of money.

Local Small Business Marketing Is Affordable

It’s true! There are some really cool ways to promote your local business, many of which are free, to attract the targeted leads you desire. Here are some of the methods:

  • Create web pages that feature keywords specific to your particular products and services. What do we mean by “keyword?” Anticipate what eager buyers type into the search engine box before they click [Search]. Savvy buyers are getting savvier. With local small business marketing you want to attract local customers.
  • Make sure to choose terms that people will look for to find local products and services. For example, if you own a Detroit furniture business, you don’t want to target phrase “furniture.” It’s too generic. Google it yourself and see 257 MILLION web pages containing that word. Instead, Detroit buyers will type the phrase “detroit office furniture” and search. Now I find 700 thousand competitive web pages and also that local map featuring local furniture merchants.
  • Build a blog and they will come. Your blog is the ideal way to tell your story and interact with an interested audience. You know? I know you’re great telling your story and persuading prospects sitting across the table from you. Write each blog post that way, as if you’re eyeball-to-eyeball with the largest possible audience. And they will hear your story today, tomorrow and next year — when they’re ready to hear it. Once you’re done writing your post, bookmark it in social book marking sites like and to promote even more traffic.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget a Facebook fan page. Now that Facebook is the third largest country in the world (China, India, Facebook, United States …) your Fan page facilitates keeping up with your customers regardless where they are. Local small business marketing benefits from Facebook patrons Like-ing your page and telling the world how great you are. Local patrons frequenting Facebook are more likely to pay attention to your local business when privy to your popularity. Additionally, Facebook facilitates instant communication with your audience whenever you do something noteworthy, like a special event or a special promotion.

Dream Big With Local Small Business Marketing

As local business marketing becomes easier and more familiar to you, eager buyers will notice. To maximize marketplace exposure your local business must be found. In business, market exposure correlates with sales. What do you have to lose by dreaming big and making local small business marketing an overnight sensation?

Are You Marketing Your Business Online Unprofitably?

2010 December 28
Is Marketing Your Business Online Profitable?

Is Marketing Your Business Online Profitable?

In this world we live in today there are tremendous opportunities to market your business online. It can be very confusing to navigate this online world and make sound decisions that maximize the value of your marketing efforts. To help you solve these struggles, below are several ideas to take away and implement right away to bring you more success.

Social Media Enhances Marketing Your Business Online

Social media is all the rage lately, and for good reason. Today Facebook is the third largest nation in the world with 500 million users: China, India, Facebook then the United States. It’s one of the best places to expose your business. Facebook makes this easy through the creation of Facebook Pages where visitors looking for more information about your business can find you. Setting up your business Page is simple and can be finished in a matter of minutes.

Twitter has created a massive audience that is quickly growing to 200 million users. It’s becoming one of the first sites people visit when they log onto the Internet. Not only are people reading other people’s messages for personal amusement, but they conduct searches to discover new businesses and new products.

These are two of many different online media available for marketing your business online. This interaction with your customers will benefit your company by highlighting concerns where you can respond immediately. You can put out fires when they’re only smoking, before they grow into a real problem.

Understand Your Customer To Solve Their Problems

While ideas of creating the next Chia pet might seem like a good idea, they don’t solve anyone’s problems. The best way to grow your business is to focus on a niche audience and solve their real world problems. Once you have discovered their problems, you deliver products that are truly needed. Through social media in which those niches participate, time spent marketing your business online will return profit.

Marketing Your Business Online Is A Story

Your “story” is more than a buzz word when it comes to marketing your business online. Consumers are quick to ignore pitches and fake product reviews. They will listen intently to a story from a user and how they used a product to solve a problem. You know how good you are eyeball-to-eyeball with prospects — your story should be specific and related to directly to your prospect’s need. Online, too, this builds trust in people for you and your business. Build on your relationships with customers through your social media efforts.

Online Marketing Demands You Listen Then Engage

Listening to your customers’ conversations about your business and your competitors is extremely important. If customers talk about you in social media, no response to their requests and problems will adversely affect your business popularity. Customers demand to be heard more than ever! Listen carefully to what is said, then develop a sound response. Rushing to conclusion is never a good idea and further confuses the marketplace.

There are many other ways you can market your business online effectively. These tips will help transform your marketing effort into something modern and effective. Interacting with customers has never been easier than online. Marketing online is far cheaper compared to traditional marketing media.

Marketing Your Business Online Is Where Your Customers Are

It is always best to go where the people are. Right now, eager buyers are shopping online for what you offer. They’re all online waiting to hear what your business has to say. They’re listening for your stories and eager to engage with you. What are you waiting for? Start marketing your business online today.

Millions Now Attract New Sales Leads That Instantly Convert Into High Quality And Repeat Business

2010 December 25
New Sales Leads Convert Into Repeat Business

New Sales Leads Convert Into Repeat Business

Why are new sales leads getting to be increasingly rare for so many businesses in America today? If you have a small to medium sized business, don’t you know exactly what I mean? Its not that you’re doing anything wrong to complain that new sales leads are getting harder and harder to find. It’s partly the economic situation that we find ourselves immersed in.

New Sales Leads Succeed

We’re all suffering in similar ways. Everyday you open up the news paper, turn on the radio and TV only to find that yet another company has gone bust. There is no doubt that this global recession has really taken its toll on small business. If you were to ask them, most business owners would tell you that the one thing that they long for right now is a reliable source of new sales leads that convert into high quality repeat business. This source of new sales leads would make the difference between thriving and going under.

Many businesses are failing today. Yet some small businesses are surviving, even growing, in the middle of our current financial crisis. The difference is new sales leads and today great leads are found online. The Internet is a goldmine for new sales leads. No matter whether you are looking for local, national or international leads, look for sales leads online.

New Sales Leads Are Online

Almost every American has access to the Internet these days — whether it be online through a standard computer or through their cell phone. The Internet will soon be the only method anyone in the US uses to find business products and services. In order to secure for your business new sales leads that convert into repeat business, you need to learn how to use the Internet for effective marketing purposes. Failure to utilize the Internet in this way will result in losing out on all of those new sales leads your business so badly need.

The bottom line is that all of those customers are still out here. They’re everywhere. They’re just not thumbing through Yellow Pages, not answering telemarketing calls and not responding to newspaper ads. Eager buyers are shopping on the Internet for what you offer. If they don’t find you, they will buy elsewhere.

Eager Buyers Are New Sales Leads

Consumers are using different sources to find the products and services that they need. Anticipate your buyers, where they shop, what they type into search engines, which websites and social media they frequent — anticipate eager buyers and everywhere they look you will be there. Once you position your business directly in front of all of your best customers you are found. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to hemorrhage customers and revenue and success.

New Sales Leads Will Buy From Somebody

Remember, too, that these eager buyers searching online for the products and services that they need will find businesses with which to consummate business. The question is, Are you happy allowing your competition to profit from your new sales leads? Your best customers are having their needs met. Every day you are not marketing yourself online, you are losing out on the opportunity to convert these leads to your customers. In effect, you are allowing your competition to grow.

New sales leads are the seeds of serious business growth.

For Overwhelmed Business Owners: How Online Marketing For Small Business Gives You Breathing Room

2010 December 22
Room To Breathe Online Marketing For Small Business

Room To Breathe Online Marketing For Small Business

Online marketing for small business owners can be somewhat tricky, but, if done successfully, it can make running a small business simpler. Online marketing can make a small business successful while, at the same time, allow a small business owner an easier time running her business. So, how does online marketing for small business really help business? Does it really make things easier for small business, or simply simpler?

Online Marketing For Small Business Or Fail

Well, let me put it this way, small business needs to be aggressively marketed, no matter what, or the competition will eat it alive. If your business is not marketed properly, it will fail — plain and simple. As it is, the never ending race for new business is exhausting and consumes the bulk of my time. I love courting great prospects and the challenge to convert them into great customers. What’s better than bringing a great customer into your family? How can small business get any better than growing your family of great customers?

So, why should a small business be marketed online as opposed to marketed elsewhere? Let me show you several reasons:

First of all, marketing online gives small business owners a greater sense of control over where and to whom the business is marketed. To whom ought you to market your business? Understand your two or three best customers intimately and coalesce that intimacy into buyer personae. Focus on your buyer personae. If you’re not selling Pampers or used cars, do not market to Pampers and used car buyers. Online marketing is much better than traditional marketing for laser focus on target markets.

Focus On Online Marketing For Small Business

If your business sells rare antiques, you don’t want teenagers to be the majority of people seeing your advertisements. With online marketing, a business owner easily chooses on which online media to market her business. She can monitor the demographic viewing her website to help determine whether or not that online media is where she wants her business advertised. Marketing to the right demographic is one of the most important factors in generating sales, because targeted leads are more readily closed. This is accomplished most easily marketing small business online.

Furthermore, online marketing for small business makes growing business easier because online media are more readily changed. They don’t need to be as on top of marketing strategies as they needed to be when they ran ads in print or some other offline media. Have you ever tried to change the color palette on a billboard? How quickly can you change from black-and-white to color Yellow Pages spread?

What does this mean? Well, I’m not saying that a business owner won’t have to monitor her marketing strategies closely. Whether they are online or off, one size never fits all. Some techniques will work and others don’t. Some strategies may work today and no longer work next year.

Measure Online Marketing For Small Business

Nevertheless, it’s far easier to monitor effectiveness online, and easier to test multiple alternatives simultaneously. With a simple click of a button, the small business owner can see how many websites visitors she’s attracting from particular advertisements.

More to the point, it’s easier than ever to gather metrics and measure crazy stuff like visitors to leads to sales ratios. How profitable is your Yellow Pages campaign? Traditional offline marketing cannot provide clear cause and effect metrics. It’s exceedingly difficult to monitor how much interest in a business is being generated from TV commercials, newspaper ads and telemarketing calls. Online, these statistics are readily monitored.

Online Marketing For Small Business Is Smart

Overall, online marketing for small business is just plain smart! Making the small business owner’s life much simpler is perhaps the single greatest benefit of online marketing.

Are You Pitifully Marketing Local Business? Lessons To Turnaround Local Business Marketing

2010 December 19

Marketing Local Business Turnaround Lessons

Marketing Local Business Turnaround Lessons

Marketing Local Business Effectively Succeeds

All small businesses catering to the real world ought to get started by focusing within a local area on a small niche market. There is a continuous demand around the world for effective strategies for marketing local business to the community. Regardless of this large number of businesses searching for ways to market within their local area, most end up failing. Why is this happening? How is it that so many well intentioned business people fail marketing their local business?

Are these indications that local business marketing is not effective? Is it because business people, although qualified professionals, are not capable of carrying out local marketing tasks successfully? Local marketing is really about establishing your business presence within a specific area, getting eager buyers shopping for what you offer to recognize and respect your brand. Traditionally, there have been numerous ways to market locally, such as radio and TV advertising, telemarketing and print advertising including magazines, newspapers and Yellow Pages. With the advent of the Internet, however, traditional marketing is waning in effectiveness because consumers no longer respond to intrusive advertising.

Even though all of these methods continue to be effective to a smaller degree, we have found it much more affordable and effective to advertise our local business online. Marketing local business online is a broad topic comprised of different strategies. Yes, everybody today has a website. Regardless how pretty your website looks, the true tests of effectiveness are the number and quality of the leads your website produces. How many eager buyers shopping for what you offer contacted you last month because of your website?

Start Marketing Local Business To Nurture Prospects

For starters, not every visitor to your website is immediately prepared to buy. Email marketing targeted at local businesses is a good way for people to continue learning about your business. Social media marketing is also powerful at promoting your brand in your community. Individuals more closely relate to businesses within their community than from dissimilar geographical locations. Additionally, we are a very visual culture and video is a fantastic way to tell your local business story to a local audience. Becoming familiar with these facts helps you to take advantage of and use the strength of marketing local business online.

Search engine marketing is also readily directed at specific geographic areas and regions. Considering the simplicity of this strategy, in addition to effectiveness and affordability, it is the first I recommend that you consider implementing these days. Pay-Per-Click advertising is also readily directed geographically, but due to cost you need to allocate additional marketing budget. Last but not least, increase your website traffic with effective search engine optimization and basic back-linking techniques. SEO is really about publishing the rich, relevant and rewarding content search engine users seek. Back links are testimonials elsewhere on the Internet endorsing your local business by putting a link to your website on their website.

Many people question the effectiveness of search engine optimization for local business marketing. Basically, anticipating the key words and phrases that eager buyers type into the search engines allows you to be found wherever they look. Google facilitates this through Local Business Results and Google Places. Yahoo! and Bing are also eager to provide local business results because all search engines recognize that millions of eager buyers are searching to buy locally.

Marketing Local Business Speaks To Your Community

Marketing your local business is essential if you want any new business from your community. When you fully understand and implement some of these techniques, then your local business will profit from local customers. Every business is different and one size never fits all. Try these techniques marketing local business online and determine which combination best profits your business. Besides that, understanding the strategies and options available enable you to plan effective local marketing that best benefits your local business.

Are You Afraid Of Closing Targeted Sales Leads? Why Don’t You Have More Targeted Sales Leads?

2010 December 16
Do You Want More Targeted Sales Leads?

Do You Want More Targeted Sales Leads?

Targeted Sales Leads Are Eager Buyers

Today the Internet is an excellent resource that you should use to facilitate operating any small and medium size business. As you know consumers have numerous choices when they are shopping online. Need proof? Go to, type “plumber” in the box and click Search. Right now, at the top of the results on my computer, Google tells me that there are 11,200,000 pages on the Internet about the word plumber.

How do you expect eager buyers shopping for what you offer to find you, to contact you and to buy from you? Out of all those web pages, only one can be ranked number one. Only a small number of links can exist on that first search results page, including organic, paid and local business results.

Effective online marketing results identify targeted sales leads and direct them to your website. Why do you care about the mother looking for Pampers if you’re selling cars? When you don’t know how this works it can end up costing a lot of money and time. How much can you afford?

Continue reading for some tips about how to improve your return on advertising investment. When your sales funnel is full of targeted sales leads you’ll be working full time closing deals with buyers eager to do business with you.

Targeted Sales Leads Cannot Be Bought

Never buy sales leads. There is no way to guarantee that a sales leads list is fresh nor how interested they are in your products. Having bought something similar in the past is no gauge of current interest.

The Internet has certainly changed the way we consume. One thing is certain: when we are eager and preparing to buy, the Internet provides us with a plethora of research information about what we seek to buy. Would you rather try to coax people to buy from you, or stand in front of those seeking to buy what you sell?

Establish a schedule and know your place in the sales cycle. Especially if you’re a sole proprietor, time is of the essence. Wearing too many hats (e.g., marketer, salesman, manufacturer and accountant) is the surest way to get nothing profitable done.

Therefore, set sales objectives and schedule time and resources to achieve them. Where are you most effective in your sales cycle? If you plan to search online daily to find potential sales leads, does it make sense that the chief executive does this? Perhaps, you ought to hire a part time worker to get this done.

Search For Targeted Sales Leads

Search for targeted sales leads in your niche market. Everybody is an authority in something. Isn’t that why you’re in the business you’re in? Your business sells a specific product or specific service. Identify the one or two key buyer personae for each product and service.

Who are they? Why do they want your product? Why do they need your service? What is their specific problem? What do you offer that will benefit them?

Once identified, anticipate where they are and how they will seek you out when they’re eager to buy. Be found there where they’re looking. Ask them to call you, come in your front door or request further information online. Just imagine how easy it will be for them to ask for your help. How easy will that be to earn your profit?

Convert Targeted Sales Leads To Great Customers

Think about purchasing a software application to keep track of your sales cycle. Think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as a dutiful assistant whose sole job is to prompt you every step of the way to converting targeted sales leads into satisfied customers. Once your online marketing is filling your sales funnel, you cannot afford to let any slippery leads get away.

Yes, you have to research online to find your target market. CRM software can simplify and reduce this work. The key to getting a great start is know who are already your very best customers. Which of your customers, if you had ten more just like them, would seat you in the lap of luxury for the foreseeable future? Why don’t you have ten more just like that one? What are you afraid of?

Don’t Fear Targeted Sales Leads

Don’t be afraid to talk to you best customers. Ask them, Why did you buy from us? Why do you come back to us and buy more? Answers to these questions will put flesh on the bones of your buyer personae skeletons you sketched earlier. Once you understand who benefits most buying from you, anticipate where they are and where they will shop when they’re eager to buy.

Be there. Be found. Prosper!