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How Targeted Sales Leads Made Me Realize Who Are My Best Customers And Why They Do Business With Me

2011 February 11
When Would Targeted Sales Leads Want To Be Pain Free?

When Would Targeted Sales Leads Want To Be Pain Free?

Targeted sales leads are critical to your business. During hard times wasted time is far more expensive than during easy times. Right now, you need to know who among your prospects will further your goals of prosperity. Your problem is deciding with whom to spend your sales time. How can you simplify this essential process? Here are five questions you must answer to quench your dearth of targeted sales leads:

Targeted Sales Leads Are Your Buyer Personae

  1. Who are your buyer personae? The biggest problem with business owners is that too often they focus on the wrong thing. Close your eyes and imagine the very best customer you have. You know, she came to you out of the blue, she’s loved everything you’ve done for you and she’s referred other customers to you, too. Think about this carefully. If you had ten more customers just like Lisa, what difference will that make in your bottom line? Why, then, are you laboring so long and hard on Tim whom you begged to buy, he’s always demanding order changes and he hasn’t had a good comment about you to anybody ever?

Targeted Sales Leads Are In Pain

  1. Where is the biggest pain of your best buyers? I don’t know about you, but as I learn to search and find what I want on the Internet — when i want it — I respond less and less to offline media. When I have a problem I search for a solution. When I’m in pain I seek relief. At that moment I’m searching, I’m no more interested in features than advantages. Show me something that benefits me, that solves my problem, and I’m interested in you. When I’m an eager buyer and you’re my pain relief, I’m prepared to buy from you.

Targeted Sales Leads Value Pain Relief

  1. What are the consequences of no pain relief? It’s true. You and your prospect may not be in the right place at the right time. Your company is not a great fit for every prospect. Not everybody is suitable to your business model. In fact, nobody cares about your business — except you. You, however, have the solution to their problem. If they do not buy from you now, the pain remains. Address that pain. Sometimes the problem is inconvenient, but not painful enough … yet.

Do Targeted Sales Leads Need You?

  1. Why do they need what you have? Once you identify five or seven compelling reasons for your prospect to alleviate their pain, the rest are mostly terms. Do they see you as pain relief? How are your conversations going? Are they comfortable confiding in you? Become a trusted authority and confidant and targeted sales leads will come to need you. Every relationship begins with a single conversation. The secret to business success is to parlay each new conversation into a succession of conversations, eventually converting your best prospects into great customers.

When Would Targeted Sales Leads Want To Be Pain Free?

  1. When would they like pain relief? Hence, the crux of the matter. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink. Everybody follows their own clock and their timing many not be yours. Nurture them, give them free advice and information, keep their interest and they will follow you until they buy. Once they see you as the solution, all that is left to decide is time. When the consequences to delaying pain relief are small, they will wait. Again, your matter is holding their attention and building great customers.

Value Your Targeted Sales Leads

There’s little doubt that targeted sales leads are critical to your business. During hard times you cannot afford to waste your time chasing poor prospects. Dead end leads have no value to you nor your business. Your problem is deciding with whom to spend your sales time. Targeted sales leads simplify this essential process.

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