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If You’re Marketing Your Business Online, You Can Double Your Leads & Triple Revenues In Ninety Days

2011 February 5
Marketing Your Business Online Increases Sales

Marketing Your Business Online Increases Sales

OK, admit it, marketing your business online or offline is not the most interesting topic, is it? Working with your best customer on a great job that turns out perfectly for all of you is interesting. Summer golf tournaments and family vacations in Cancun and your sister’s wedding are interesting. Marketing your business is not quite there, it’s usually something more of a chore than interesting. So, what are you doing here reading this?

Is Marketing Your Business Online Or Offline Working?

Are you sitting around waiting for new customers to walk in your front door handing you money? Is that plan working so poorly that you’re bored to tears with nothing else to do but read this blog post? O, I’m sure it’s not that bad. After all, you could be pestering your receptionist instead, telling her a better way to file last month’s bills. Instead, you’re here looking for answers, right?

The Marketing Your Business Online Question

Answers to what question? If nobody’s reading your yellow pages to find you and call you and come on in, where are all of the new customers finding where to go to buy? Well, the Internet is teeming with consumers young and old. Google statistics pronounce that there are over four billion searches conducted every single day. More than one billion of those daily searches are by eager buyers looking to buy something locally. When would you like to be introduced to some of them? Of course, Google is not the only game in town. Facebook membership is the third largest country in the world, behind only India and China. According to iStrategyLabs, the number of Americans age 55 and over using Facebook grew nearly 59% during 2010. Do you think any of them are going to buy what you offer?

One Marketing Your Business Online Clue

Let me give you one simple yet priceless clue that you can take away from here and implement all by yourself this afternoon. ComScore reported more than 175 million unique American viewers in October 2010 watching an average of over 900 minutes of online video. In 2009 Cisco predicted that by 2013 video will be 90% of all Internet traffic. Video is here, video is popular and video is boosting brands of everyday businesses just like yours. Don’t believe me? Google four words: ‘san diego trial attorney’ — how many trial attorneys do you think there are in San Diego? Look closely at the top two results. The first result was put online nearly five years ago, and the second nearly three years ago. The search engines recognize that Internet users want to watch videos. Video is everywhere: on our smart phones, in stores, on television and everywhere on the Internet.

Marketing Your Business Online With Video Is Easy

The most watched videos are not Super Bowl commercials. Video is ideal for marketing your business online, because online video can be simple, easy and inexpensive. If you can make a Powerpoint presentation, you can do a simple voiceover, add background music and convert that into a great video marketing piece. Affordable video cameras are everywhere, too. Plan to tell your story online just as you would eyeball-to-eyeball with your best customer. Tell us how you solve problems for real people and how that has changed their lives for the better. Every company has something fascinating, unique or funny that put into a video people will want to share. You do, too.

Marketing Your Business Online Increases Sales

See? Marketing your business online is an interesting topic, isn’t it? Make marketing your business more interesting than a chore. If you’d rather sit around waiting for new customers to hand you money, then you better start being found by eager buyers searching for what you offer. After all, you could be pestering your receptionist instead, remember? You can double your leads and triple revenues in ninety days by marketing your business online with video.

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