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Who Else Wants Extraordinarily Successful Online Marketing For Small Business?

2011 January 27
Online Marketing For Small Business Succeeds

Online Marketing For Small Business Succeeds

Success and survival are not the same thing. Times are truly tough today and small businesses everywhere are scrambling for survival. Online marketing for small business is a success opportunity that Internet publishing platforms offer individuals with something to say. Commit whole-heartedly to communicating with your online audience and this success can be extraordinary. Listening to many of my clients has convinced me that they have compelling stories to tell. Given a targeted audience these small business owners are effective closers and the audience loves them. How, then, can you attract that just right audience?

Tell Online Marketing For Small Business Stories

Regular, honest and compelling content creation is critical to success. Story tellers consistently share their opinions and thoughts online and rise to thought leadership in their particular niche. Thought leadership? What differentiates you from your competition? What is your unique selling proposition? If you want to be different you must lead; otherwise you are a follower lost in the masses. The leader of the pack is interesting because she is out in front of the pack and all eyes are on her. Speak and the pack listens intently. Call them to action and many will convert into the best customers you ever had. The best customers refer others to you and will stand up in public and testify to your leadership.

Build Online Marketing For Small Business Communities

Build a community around your brand, both your personal and your business brands. Perhaps, the most striking thing about online marketing for small business is the simplicity. Allowed yourself to be yourself. Once you stop intruding on people trying to convert them to buyers — you know: “Buy ME!” and “Give ME Money!” — what else is there to do?

One of the greatest features of the Internet is that you can publish your story in your voice, at your pace and it stays available until I need to see it. Give me relevant information in the format I want to receive it. I will pay attention to you. Create curiosity. Build a compelling story. Tell me just enough to get me to come back next week … same time, same place. Nurture me and my interest. Allow me to come to want your service and I will come to you as an eager buyer sooner or later. Inbound marketing brings eager buyers to you at the moment they are ready to buy.

Share Online Marketing For Small Business

Create triggers that encourage people to share. Basically, there are five types of Internet sharing:

* Video;
* Image;
* Audio;
* Text;
* or a combination of the four.

Be different. Instead of clubbing prospects over the head and stealing money, give them something to take away from meeting you. Give them something for free. Social media is “social” inasmuch as it shared among its users spheres of influence. We social creatures share valuable information in our social networks, especially information about great deals. If you give me an informative eBook or consultation, in my mind its value increases with its free-ness. I will happily share my find with like-minded friends. How is this different from a referral?

Online Marketing For Small Business Succeeds

Tell your interesting and compelling story to an audience that wants to hear it. We will clamor for it Inbound marketing rules are dead simple. Social media and inbound marketing have leveled the playing field and put in your hands exactly the same tools as the biggest corporations in the world. Sharing your story with the world on a consistent and honest basis you can become a thought leader and create a community of followers around your brand. Online marketing for small business is a success opportunity for those with something interesting to say.

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